Why We’re Humbled and Encouraged…

ExcellenceWe receive encouragement from partners and customers along the way, but every once in a while we get a significant burst of encouragement that excites the entire team.  The latest such burst came as we were closing out last week.

At the SAP Business One Innovation Summit in Bratislava last week, B1 Fixed Assets was recognized as the Best New Industry Solution of 2013!

One of the driving tenets around here is to always, ALWAYS provide the best possible solution to our clients.  This pushes our team to work hard to deliver an equipment management solution that is far and above any other similar solution.  And that’s saying a lot when working within the SAP community.

What a tremendous honor for our entire team – development, sales, consulting, and support – who have worked hard to continuously gather new specifications, implement new ideas and requirements with precision, and work with our customers to make sure it all runs smoothly.  We’re also reminded of how grateful we are for our trusted and talented partners around the world.  They have bought in to what we’re trying to accomplish and continue to trust us with their customers.

We thank you.

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