Field Service Solution for SAP

Through its Intelligent Assignment, Intelligent Communication and Intelligent Execution tools, our Field Service helps your Field Service or Plant Maintenance operation get more done, in less time.

FAMe Field Service tracks inventory, benchmarks technician’s performance, tracks maintenance history, provides real-time technician location, and can create any type of alert. When a new job comes in, Concord can even auto-assign that job to the best technicians based on over a dozen variables.

Intelligent Assignment

Sending technicians on a second trip is not only frustrating for your customer, it can divert valuable time and resources away from other jobs. FAMe Field Service fixes this.

It’s unique algorithm analyzes a multitude of factors to select the best technician for the job. This analysis draws from two categories: performance and availability. Performance includes a technician’s skill set, job completion history and customer relations experience, while availability includes a technician’s schedule, proximity and tools on hand.

If selected, Concord will Auto-Assign for you. This ensures that every job is successfully completed on time the first time.


Intelligent Execution

Concord assists your technicians every step of the way, from assignment to completion. Once dispatched, Concord directs your trucks with instant traffic updates from Google Maps. At the job site, Concord provides step-by-step instructions and procedural videos for successful service and repairs.

Always be alert with Concord’s Intelligent Predictions. By automatically tracking inventory, Concord warns both dispatchers and technicians when parts are running low. Whether you’re driving a truck or a tightening a screw, Concord helps you make the informed decisions to stay ahead.


Intelligent Communication

Humans aren’t perfect. We often miss details and forget specifics. Every phone call between a call center, dispatcher, technician and customer is another opportunity for something to go wrong — whether it be a misinterpreted number, name or issue.

Concord takes human error out of communication. When there are changes to a schedule or assignment, Concord connects all involved. And because it’s fully integrated with your entire ERP system, everyone is in the loop — from the truck to the customer — in real time.

FAMe Field Service Communications

The Bottom Line: A Satisfied Customer

When combined, these three tools produce a fully integrated and efficient field service operation. Your dispatchers can more confidently assign jobs, your technicians can execute tasks more successfully, and your executives can keep an eye on the entire enterprise.

Ultimately, Concord’s intelligence-packed, end-to-end processes result in incredible experiences that will have your customers singing your praises.

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