Equipment Maintenance Software for SAP

FAMe:EquipmentOh-No! Breakdown! – A breakdown could very well be the worst-case scenario for any operation. Not only is your equipment out of service until repaired, but so is anything or anyone related to it! What if there was a way to combine dozens of variables, such as equipment history, criticality, contract information, history of technician & skillset, history of components used, vendor information, and more to not just respond to breakdowns, but also prevent them from happening in the first place?


B1 Fixed Assets is proud to deliver our most popular solution, FAMe:Maintenance. This Responsive and Preventative equipment maintenance software solution has consistently proven to not only avoid breakdowns, but to extend the life and health of your equipment (and investment) by taking dozens of equipment-related variables and delivering easy answers.


Contract Management – When breakdowns happen, every second spent searching for hidden documentation is money lost. With FAMe:Maintenance, all warranty and contract information is stored in a centralized location, just a click away when you need it most.


Auto-AssignFAMe:Maintenance also gives you the ability to auto-assign work orders instead of having to pick up the phone or send out individual emails to workers, teams, and vendors. So managers can collaborate and coordinate faster than ever to resolve catastrophes.


Warranties – The more warranties acquired, the more likely common problems are to arise. FAMe:Maintenance helps you avoid double payments, with Warranty information at your fingertips when you need it most. Eliminate warranties on equipment that doesn’t exist anymore. Or, easily find and renew expired warranties on equipment deemed valuable, reducing hidden-cash bleeds, vulnerability, and increasing accuracy.


Advanced Analytics – How much have these repairs cost you? Should you just replace the equipment? How quickly is your maintenance being done? FAMe:Maintenance answers these questions with side-by-side comparisons of repair to replacement costs, historical frequency of repairs, and workflow analytics of estimates vs. actuals by event, resource, and facility/equipment. With other features, including timestamps for maintenance progressions and alerts systems, you’re predictions will always be data-backed and accurate.

Ultimately, FAMe:Maintenance works to extend the life of all your equipment, minimize unneeded expenses, and reduce downtime.

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