Equipment Lease & Rental Software for SAP

FAMe:LeaseRentalFAMe:LeaseRental is the ideal equipment rental software solution for mid-market rental companies looking for a 360-degree Business Management AND Equipment Management solution.

FAMe:LeaseRental finally integrates it all — from real-time equipment performance, to CRM, to financial management – your rental company can now boost profits by driving efficiency into every aspect of your organization.

Equipment Lease to Customer - General
Equipment Utilization – FAMe:LeaseRental gives you the tools to determine if your rental pool is appropriately sized, maximizing the utilization of your fleet. Real-time advanced analytics, intuitive reservation processes — all built on a world-class business management system — help you plan future demand, minimize idle equipment, and increase efficiency.

Equipment Rental to Customer - General
Contract and Billing Accuracy – FAMe:LeseRental includes built-in mechanisms that ensure the accuracy of all your customer contracts and invoices. With everything housed on a single contract, the precision and completion of charges can be confirmed from a single screen. Customize rates and utilize pricing-error prevention, maximizing each contract’s revenue.

Equipment Rental to Customer - Related SAP Documents
Equipment Reliability – FAMe:LeaseRental provides all the tools to track and enhance equipment performance. Fully integrated with B1:Maintenance, current statuses, history of down-times, and scheduled maintenances are all monitored. With Advanced OLAP analytics and easy-to-update return statuses, businesses know exactly when to replace, repair, or overhaul equipment.

Equipment Rental to Customer - Returns Processing
Customer Satisfaction – FAMe:LeaseRental ensures that you have every resource to deliver exactly what the customer requests. Use a wide variety of contract billing options or SAP Business One’s integrated CRM to instantly track and resolve problems along the way. Your salespeople will always satisfy unique customer needs, strengthening your competitive advantage, and further enhancing your company’s brand.

Auditability and Control – With a world-class business management system comes tremendous vision into your business. FAMe:LeaseRental combined with the SAP Business One platform drives efficiency, accuracy, and capacity into your back-office. Tackle previously burdensome tasks such as Billings, Collections, and Financial Analyses, allowing for accelerated yet controlled growth.

With B1 Fixed Assets equipment rental software, your team can finally work on the same page to grow your rental business into the future, deliver greater contributions to your bottom line, and completely satisfy your valued customers.

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