Asset Financing Solution for SAP

FAMe:AssetFinancingFAMe:AssetFinance provides vital organization and visibility of all contracts related to Plant and Equipment financing – Capital Leases, Operating Leases, Installment Loans, and Rentals. This asset financing software allows for maximum Contract compliance, prioritization, and data-driven awareness, all leading to valuable leverage in future negotiations and decisions.


Fully IntegratedFAMe:AssetFinance is a certified integration for SAP Business One, a world-Class ERP System built specifically for mid-market companies. This fully integrated solution provides critical visibility across all organizations, minimizing all compliance issues. Easily access critical Lease Contract information such as history, milestones, Down Payments, Pre-Payments, Deposits, and even a copy of the Contract Agreement.


Contract PerformanceFAMe:AssetFinance provides the ability to measure contract performance by product, time, region, and dozens of other user-defined choices. With this, your company can maximize the value placed on high-priority contracts. You can also set FAMe:AssetFinance to issue alerts that avoid such events as late payments or a contract expiration. The awareness that comes from a data-driven solution allows contracts to come to you when needed most.


Detailed InsightFAMe:AssetFinance, when united with FAMe:EquipmentMaintenance, delivers a full Maintenance Management System that provides customers with in-depth Asset and Contract knowledge, which results in data-backed, profit-maximizing decisions. Detailed insight into the history of breakdowns, maintenance progressions, mean time between failures, manufacturer performance, and more, gives businesses the opportunity to make better decisions regarding future equipment acquisitions and disposals, and related Contract Agreements.


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