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Why was a Fixed Assets (FA) Management solution important? What business issues were you trying to address when you evaluated FAMe?

“Due to large volume it was in the company’s best interest to look for a solution where the assets could be tracked and depreciated easily. A simple and reliable bridge from the software calculations to the general ledger was also important. Relying on spreadsheets and an outside accounting firm was no longer a viable option.” – Robert B., Controller

“We were looking for a fixed assets management system to replace Excel spreadsheets to perform fixed assets accounting and management (depreciation, assets’ net book value and corresponding debt balances).  In addition, one company of the group is renting a part of this equipment; therefore, we needed a system that could ease all the processes and accounting related to it.” – Robert T., SAP Manager

“We wanted to eliminate our Excel fixed asset schedule, achieve greater control over asset handling/classification, and automate/integrate the process of recording GL JE’s for depreciation and disposals/impairments. We also wanted easy-to-produce rollforward schedules for our annual financial audit.” – Douglas G.

“We had our fixed assets on Excel spreadsheets. When the company first started out, and we had very few centers, I can understand using Excel to keep records of the fixed assets, along with depreciation and accumulated depreciation. As the company grew, a better way to handle fixed assets was needed.” – Mark K.
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Did you consider or evaluate other FA alternatives? If so, which ones? Why did you choose FAMe over any other FA alternative?

“We evaluated other options, including Bassets fixed asset depreciation software, but FAMe was the best option for us. It added SAP Business One and the interaction between the two was seamless.  [FAMe] allows us a central place to track our fixed asset purchases as well as making it extremely easy to calculate depreciation. It has allowed for us to cut time in cost with regards to fixed assets.” – Robert B., Controller

“We considered the SAP Business One’s own add-on, but it was far from providing solutions for all our needs. Another prospect, was a third party solution called R1/M1 from Ceecom, but this solution was more targeted for short term rental and was lacking power for the accounting part of fixed assets management (acquisitions, cost adjustments, depreciations, and retirements). We finally chose FAMe Add-On from B1 Fixed Assets LLC as the proper solution with enough power and flexibility to satisfy our current and future needs.” – Robert T., SAP Manager

“Prior to purchasing an inventory/accounting system, we evaluated major software packages including Net Suite, Great Plains and Solomon. We chose B1 with FAMe as it appeared to meet all of our criteria.” – Danny B., VP of Operations

“We evaluated FAMe as part of our overall decision to purchase SAP B1 and we were satisfied with what we saw in terms of its internal functionality as well as integration with B1. Our FAMe purchase met all of our identified needs in this area.” – Douglas G.

“One of the softwares we looked at was Best, and they had issues with uploading our existing Excel spreadsheets. Uploading was not an issue with FAMe.” – Mark K.
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What role did FAMe play in your selection of SAP Business One? Did you purchase FAMe after you purchased SAP, or was it part of your SAP decision?  Was it ‘nice to have’ or ‘critical’?

“We would not have purchased SAP B1 without FAMe as it was a critical component needed.” – Danny B., VP of Operations“The decision to purchase B1 was our primary consideration and we considered FAMe nice to have but not essential for the operation of the business. FAMe was one of the last elements in our implementation and it was a smooth process to go live.” – Douglas G.“Once we converted to SAP in January 2009 we knew eventually we would convert to the FAMe software once we were up and running in Accounts Payable and Finance.” – Mark K.

How has FAMe performed?
“[FAMe] justified totally the investment.” – Robert T., SAP Manager



What additional benefits has FAMe provided that you did not expect? 

“Since a few queries for screen editing are customizable, we can do more customization than what we were expecting (usually done exclusively through SDK).” – Robert T., SAP Manager
“With the help of our consultant, we have the ease of having custom reports created as needed.” – Danny B., VP of Operations

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How was your experience implementing FAMe?

“During pre-implementation and implementation as well, all our staff have appreciated the skills, experience, and professionalism of the B1 Fixed Assets LLC consultants.” – Robert T., SAP Manager

“Very easy to implement.” – Douglas G.

“Converting our Excel sheets into FAMe went very well. Our consultant worked with us to make sure each asset was uploaded properly.” – Mark K.
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Tell us about your the time spent with FAMe consultants during implementation.

“B1 Fixed Assets LLC have been nothing but professional and helpful. The implementation was smooth thanks to Joe and his team. With their support and training, the use of the software has been made a lot easier.” – Robert B., Controller

“The implementation process went smoothly and after implementation support was great. The availability of the consultants, since day 1, is remarkable.” – Robert T., SAP Manager

“With the guidance of our consultant, the implementation went better than expected.” – Danny B., VP of Operations

“The consultants were helpful and knowledgeable. They addressed our issues/questions quickly and authoritatively, including the review and preparation of data for migration from Excel into FAMe.” – Douglas G.
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How has your experience been since implementing FAMe?

“Very easy to use. The structure of the program is very logical and intuitive, and once you understand the module’s operation, maintaining is not difficult.” – Douglas G.
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