Fixed Assets Management Solution for SAP

FAMe:AssetAccountingEvery now and then we take a step back and look at our business from a macro level, what are our priorities? For many business owners, one word comes to mind — Control. B1 Fixed Assets is proud to give business owners complete operational and financial control over one of their biggest investments, Equipment.

Asset Master - General

Fixed Assets: Enterprise (FAMe) is a fixed assets management solution that provides every tool necessary to effectively manage and account for businesses’ growing variety of equipment.

FAMe is a comprehensive solution with advanced accounting and management functionality, enabling you to adopt best-practices that consistently maximize the value of your capital investments. From the initial Capital Expenditure Request through the Retirement, FAMe tracks Assets’ costs, changes in value, changes in location, and general information — maximizing each individual Asset’s value and overall contribution to your organization.

Asset Creation from Purchase Clearing

AcquisitionsFAMe provides you with the tools and processes to drive accuracy and control throughout the acquisition process. Whether it is simple asset purchases, complex purchases, construction or projects in process, re-classifications from Inventory, or bulk purchases for a rental pool, FAMe provides simple processes to manage the disparate accounting associated with your Capital Expenditures. The result – all acquisitions are properly booked, nothing falls through the cracks, and everything is fully auditable, now and into the future.

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DepreciationFAMe provides the most advanced options to enable you to take proper depreciation for both your corporate and all your tax books. This includes support for any fiscal Calendar, all Depreciation Methods, and more than a dozen Averaging Methods.  FAMe allows you to define and enforce your individual accounting standards — increasing efficiency and minimizing costly rework from errors.

Financial Sub-Ledger

ChangesFAMe expects changes that inevitably happen over the life of an Asset, and eliminates the complexity of applying those changes for you. For both accounting and non-accounting perspectives, these changes will affect several aspects of the Asset — whether a change to the value, depreciation, expected life, location, custodian, or property tax location, FAMe allows you to easily see accurate results and verify that everything is properly accounted for.

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Dispositions – Finally, FAMe makes the complexities of retiring an Asset a straightforward process — whether it is recognizing the rules from country to country, or applying the various practices for recognizing proceeds and expenses. Again, fully auditable, and fully compliant with accounting standards and tax laws.

The results are an overall better allocation of capital, optimal Return on Assets, and improved profits.

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