Equipment Management Software for SAP

FAMe Hexagon

360° Equipment Management for SAP Business One

Would you believe that most mid-market companies record more equipment transactions than personnel transactions?  Yet most of them still manage their assets with spreadsheets.

FAMe is the most popular solution for Equipment Rental, Plant Maintenance, & Fleet Maintenance to manage their expensive equipment.

Need to know the profitability of each piece of equipment? FAMe gives you a real-time P&L statement for each asset, so you can make better decisions.

We are passionate about helping you manage each asset appropriately.  Our suite of solutions drives both the financial and operational success of organizations by providing executives and managers with increased insight, streamlined processes, and the customized analytics that they need to adequately measure the performance of equipment.

All solutions are built around the wildly popular Fixed Assets: Enterprise (FAMe) and are stacked according to the unique business needs of each organization.

A scalable and certified solution that picks up where the SAP FA solution leaves off, and delivers the functionality required by many small-market and all mid-market companies. The FAMe Suite of Solutions provides a 360-degree view of Fixed Asset performance and better addresses the needs of today’s Business One Customers.

FAMe AssetTracking

When not managed and tracked properly, equipment has a way of being stolen or mis-used in a way that costs companies a tremendous amount of money every single day.  Whether it’s RFID, GPS, or any other tracking mechanism, this solution captures it all so that you know exactly where your equipment is — exactly when you need to know.

FAMe AssetFinancing

Because equipment is so often accompanied by a capital or operating lease, or in some cases a rental contract, it’s increasingly necessary to properly account for every dollar that’s spent.  And because every detail of every contract is stored in a single place, monthly payments and contract expirations are easy to manage and determining contract performance is easier than ever.

Scheduled maintenance, unscheduled maintenance, recurring jobs, warranties, service contracts, quotes, and a whole lot more. Manages the entire maintenance request process, and ensures proper usage of warranty and paid-for contracts with vendors resulting in less waste and duplication as well as a streamlined process for tracking, maintaining, and repairing important equipment.

Addresses every step of the rental process including reservations, contracts, swaps, returns, and damaged or missing equipment as well as to provide detailed billing for rental, usage, and consumable items.

FAMe ServiceMaintain control of your field operation with our Field Service solution. Dispatch & schedule jobs, auto-assign jobs (based on 15+ business rules), auto-schedule recurring jobs (including preventative/scheduled maintenance), drag & drop jobs, track technicians with real-time GPS, predict inventory requirements, and more.

Eliminate waiting periods for data by connecting your field users to the back office in real-time, with our mobile solution. Generate SAP invoices & quotes from the field, work in connected / disconnected environments, manage mobile stock inventory, update meter readings/equipment usage, and more.