Exciting Opportunities in 2013 Fixed Assets: Enterprise, FAMe:Rental and FAMe:Maintenance

We made it! Another year is in the books and we look forward to 2013 with anticipation of continued success for our SAP Business One community of partners. And while 2012 was a very good year for B1 Fixed Assets, primarily through the success of our Fixed Assets: Enterprise (FAMe) solution, we’re confident that our latest solutions will prove to be even more successful as we move forward.

As we ring in the new year, newly released FAMe:LeaseRental is positioned to be an elite add-on for the SAP Business One community. By filling a huge void in the current SAP B1 solution, FAMe:LeaseRental will provide multiple levels of functionality including Rental Contract Management, Delivery of Goods, Equipment Tracking, a thorough Rental Return process, Rental Analytics, and more.

Clearly a vertical solution for the SAP Business One community, we expect FAMe:Rental to not only bring new users to the table, but to also bring some existing users back to the table – all in need of an SAP caliber solution that can help them manage their Rental processes.

Utilization, efficiency, and rate maximization are tremendously important in the rental world. FAMe:LeaseRental helps users properly manage rental inventory, track costly damage repairs imposed by customers, sell additional goods and services with the rental, and ultimately maximize the profitability of each individual rental asset.

Do you have prospects or clients who:

  1. Utilize a contract to facilitate a rental process?
  2. Need a more robust system for managing their rental assets?
  3. Know they’re bleeding capital, but can’t seem to stop it?

Happy New Year!! Here’s to a most successful 2013 – together!

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