About B1 Fixed Assets

bigstock-Rental-Equipment-7954878Even the best companies, particularly those with accelerated growth, eventually lose control of either their equipment or their customer’s equipment.  Unfortunately, simple accounting and depreciation systems, while important, simply do not improve corporate performance. Other Equipment Management solutions in the mid-market are just too complex, too expensive, or too disjointed.

B1 Fixed Assets’ solutions work together seamlessly, and are “hyper-integrated” into the industry leading SAP Business One platform. Mid-market Companies now enjoy enterprise-level controls, and can stop the hidden bleed of cash associated with under-managed plant and equipment.  Companies can regain control, regain information, and regain performance.

For Our Partners

B1 Fixed Assets is an SAP Gold-level Software and Solution Provider (SSP) that provides add-on solutions and services that encompass the SAP Business One platform with near-enterprise capabilities. Our unique approach enables Reselling Partners to improve the lives of more customers with a more complete solution, providing minimal risk and greater convenience.

Executives at B1 Fixed Assets have extensive knowledge, connections, and experience in the mid-market and enterprise market.  We have chaired the SSP Advisory boards with both Great Plains (in the 1990’s) and with SAP (in the 2000’s).  We have developed successful Commercial Software products for over 35 years and have run both enterprise and mid-market software businesses.  During this time, we have worked with International Partners and Agents and have worked intimately with hundreds of VARs since 1994.

B1 Fixed Assets executives and our team of Certified Business One Consultants know what it takes to implement commercial software, and positively transform the operations of the companies we serve, primarily by avoiding protracted and disruptive projects.  We are experienced with replacing ERP systems and understand the reward of replacing an ERP system with SAP Business One when done correctly. We provide unique capabilities within the ERP space, focusing in on one expertise in particular: Equipment Management.